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How do I set Reverse DNS for my IPs on my own

You can set a PTR record (Reverse DNS) on your own via the VPS Control by following these easy steps:


1) Login to the VPS control by clicking Here

Your username start with the prefix "sv-" you can find your username in the email we sent you with all of your VPS details.

If you don't know your VPS control panel password you can reset it by clicking Here


2) Click Manage on the VPS you would like to set rDNS for.


3) On the bottom of the page click on the Network tab

4) Click on Edit and add your desired rDNS.


If you get the following error: (Invalid Reverse DNS Entry) when updating then you need to create a proper (A) record first in your Domain's DNS.


Please note: At the moment it's only possible to set rDNS via the VPS contro for IPs within range 185.248.160/22, If your IP is not within that range you can open a support ticket and we'll set RDNS for you.



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